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CRC Social is a division of The Corporate Reporting Centre. Its main goal is to make a positive impact in the community and the world, through Green Entrepreneurship Initiatives (GEI).

A Green Entrepreneurship Initiative (GEI) is a project to analyze, test and finally execute an idea which could potentially improve or solve a specific problem in the community.

The Green Entrepreneurship Initiatives are very diverse in nature; they could range from conferences, webinars, podcasts, contests, one-day companies, joint ventures, training activities, complete businesses, to charity events, but all focused in solving specific problems, and ultimately improving people’s quality of life.

CRC Social was born given that many social entrepreneurs have excellent ideas, but they don’t know where to start. CRC Social is the place where those entrepreneurs can analyze, test and execute their ideas.

We want to make a difference; we want to change the world.

Discover The Corporate Reporting Centre

The Corporate Reporting Centre is a Canadian company founded in Montreal, Quebec in 2010. The main focus of the company is to provide technological solutions for small and medium businesses.

CRC Social is the corporate spinoff of the Corporate Reporting Centre. Through CRC Social, we are dedicated to give back to the local community and the world with services, training and donations.

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