CRC Closes the Gaps

In a perfect world, all people would have the same opportunities in life: access to food, education, health care, etc. And from that starting point, it will depend on each one how far they get in life.

Unfortunately, that is not the reality, and one of the worst problems in the present world is growing inequality. The Corporate Reporting Centre is dedicated to close those gaps providing education and thus creating more opportunities for people in need. It was always the dream of The Corporate Reporting Centre founder, Rodrigo Escobar, to help people get better chances to improve their quality of life. He realized that the best way is improving their level of education.

For example, the children of impoverished countries who attend public school (if they attend school), have no chances to register to the university, even with good grades, because the level of education is so poor, that they are not prepared enough to follow superior education, and they are condemned to low paying jobs, insecurity, or a life of crime.

Even worse, some of those kids only have one meal a day, they have to walk hours to school, they don’t have warm clothes, nor shoes. Imagine attending school feeling cold, uncomfortable and hungry all the time.

Can you expect those kids to perform at school? Absolutely not! And that is why The Corporate Reporting Centre tries to alleviate some of these problems by providing clothes, food, and even toys for children of impoverished countries like Bolivia, South America.


CRC also helps locally!

The Corporate Reporting Centre has the aim and the mission to improve people's quality of life. In Canada, there are also people in need: workers looking for a job with not enough language or Excel skills, students that need Excel to enter College or University, or people who are working but they need to improve their language or Excel skills.

That is why our company has established the Excel Training Program, which provides free three-hour Excel Courses to people in need in the Great Montreal Area. The Courses are provided in English and French and they are designed to prepare people with the most important tricks and functions in Excel.

The Corporate Reporting Centre also helps people improve their English skills by providing virtual job interviews by Skype so they can practice, and have better chances to get a job that requires English language.

Rodrigo Escobar strongly believes that THE BEST WAY TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS IS HELPING OTHERS.

By buying any of our services, you will help these programs continue and you will be making a positive impact over thousands of people. THANK YOU!!